AMS Of Denver
At AMS our mission is to provide zero unscheduled down time, zero unbudgeted repairs and to minimize energy waste at all of our customer’s facilities.

AMS DDC Business Focus and Philosophy

  • A large portion of our work and customer base is generated from two focuses
    • Quality work at a competitive price with dedicated attention paid to customer needs.
    • Customizing our response, training and support based upon the customers desire for self-sufficiency and vendor involvement.

As a result, we have customer relationships that range from full service support to occasional technical support via phone only.  We firmly believe that helping the customer be stand-alone sufficient in maintaining their DDC system is of mutual benefit to both the customer, AMS, and the product line. Customers have no fear of being cornered into having to come to us for their DDC needs.  The simplicity and power of the system, along with our willingness to train the end user on every aspect of the systems operation results in an exceptionally rare, win win relationship.

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