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At AMS our mission is to provide zero unscheduled down time, zero unbudgeted repairs and to minimize energy waste at all of our customer’s facilities.


Drain Cleaning

Using different size cable machines and cutting blades. We are we are able to clear all drain lines from 11/4" to 6" main building drains, out to the city sewer

Hydro Jetting

High Pressure jetting engineered for use in clearing and maintaaining storm sewers, drain lines, lateral lines, conduits and industrial process piping systems. Pipe sizes from 2" up to 18" effectively With water pressures up to 4000 psi, high pressure jetting is the most efficient way to scourer sludge, grease, debris, and cut roots in your building sewers

Camera & Locate

Sewer and drain problems may come in the form of pipe fractures, pipe breaks, the separation of pipe joints, or deterioration of old pipes. With our high tech fiber optic sewer cameras we can inspect your sewer and drain lines from the inside of your pipe, locating problem areas or breaks. Using our camera locater we can scan the exact location of our camera in the sewer or drain pipe letting us know were the break or problem area exists.

Sewer and Water main repairs

With 24/7 emergency service we can repair you building sewer, storm sewer, water main, or fire main lines from your building to the city taps. Also being able to repair asphalt and concrete we can get your building back on line quickly and efficiently.

Smoke testing for Sewer Odors

Efficient and cost effective, smoke testing has become a world-wide standard for finding leaks in the sewer and plumbing systems. By forcing safe and clean liquid smoke filled air through a sewer or plumbing system ,sewer gas leaks can be detected quickly as smoke escapes through problem areas.

Preventive Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your commercial, industrial, or municipal building plumbing systems can save on water consumption, energy consumption and in return save you money. Consistent maintenance will help you with tenant retention by avoiding the headache of unexpected drain clogs, emergency leaks, repairs, and fixture malfunctions in your buildings. To help building owners and facility managers AMS offers a plumbing preventive maintenance program for any type commercial or multifamily building to ensure their plumbing systems operates at peak efficiency AMS will also help you with yearly budgeting for large plumbing repairs (water heaters, sump pump and lift stations, up coming piping repairs or fixture replacement) Call us to day for a free quote on a preventive maintenance agreement

Backflow testing & Installation

The State of Colorado requires annual testing of all backflow prevention devices, ( domestic water, fire, irrigation, boiler and chilled water supply lines). These requirements are enforced by your local water purveyor. AMS is recognized by all suburban water purveyors' as a certified testing company. Being a commercial service plumbing contractor and having journeyman backflow certified plumbers we have the capability to install, repair, replace, and test all types and sizes of back flow devices. we will help you ensure that you are in compliance with your local water and building departments, as well as the State of Colorado

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