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At AMS our mission is to provide zero unscheduled down time, zero unbudgeted repairs and to minimize energy waste at all of our customer’s facilities.

Energy Upgrade Savings and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Upgrading or replacing plant equipment is often an expensive undertaking requiring capital expenditures. In order to justify this expense to building ownership and lending agencies it is often required to perform a Life Cycle Cost Analysis to justify the expense.

When you need to upgrade or replace a piece of plant equipment let AMS perform a custom Life Cycle Cost Analysis to show the benefits and long term savings of your next capital project.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Deliverables:

  • Estimates of Energy and Maintenance savings generated by project
  • Budget or Bid price of project and any applicable utility/municipal rebates
  • Determination of best design case from a number of alternatives
  • Financial metrics ROI, NPV, First Cost, Annual Cost and Best Design Case

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