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At AMS our mission is to provide zero unscheduled down time, zero unbudgeted repairs and to minimize energy waste at all of our customer’s facilities.

Energy Star Benchmarking/Labeling

“You can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure”

Energy Star Benchmarking gives building management a metric of where their energy usage compares to the EPA building model. If you don’t know where you are you will never get where you need to go.

AMS can assist customers in setting up an account and providing an Energy Star Score for their buildings through the EPA’s Portfolio Manager Program. Buildings are given a score of 1-100, 1 being the worst, 100 being the best. The scoring is based on the past 11 months of energy usage which is compared to a weather normalized model based of the 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Summary.

Buildings scoring 75 or higher are eligible to receive an Energy Star Label; which has been shown to increase rent premiums and decrease vacancy rates. In addition Energy Star Score of 69 is a needed prerequisite when applying to have a building LEED O+M certified.

The Energy Star score for a building is the most widely recognized indicator of building performance. Increasingly municipalities are mandating that buildings be benchmarked on yearly basis and in some cases publically disclose building scores, this movement is gaining momentum and can be expected to be come common place in the future. Forward thinking Tenants, Brokers, Buyers are increasingly considering the building energy star score when considering a lease or buying a building.

AMS can provide you and your team with the needed expertise to help set up an account and get a score for your building in a timely, easy process at minimal cost.

Energy Star Benchmarking Report Deliverables:

  • Buildings current Energy Start Score
  • Energy Star Account for tracking future building energy use
  • Provide Overview of Building Consumption trends, inefficiencies and possible ways to improve building efficiency
  • If applicable compile documentation for Energy Star Labeling if applicable

What we need to get started:

  • 3 Years of utility billings
  • Interview with Engineers/Building Mangers on Equipment and Operation
  • Building Blueprints and O+M manuals

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